Olivet Leadership Institute

Olivet Leadership Institute in Southeast Asia: ‘Make Disciples of All Nations’

Following five graceful days of Bible lectures, workshops, practical involvement in evangelism, teaching, prayer and mission planning, Olivet Leadership Institute in Southeast Asia concluded on March 28, with the leaders from OA China and OA Korea in attendance.

For the Closing Service, the sermon entitled ‘Make Disciples of All Nations’ that was taken from Matthew 28:16-20 was delivered, exhorting the leaders to respond to the training these past few days with the commitment to share the Gospel and make disciples of Christ.

Olivet Leadership Institute in Southeast Asia

The leaders were exhorted, “After the past few days of OLI where God filled us to be overflowing with grace from above, we need to keep asking ourselves ‘what is next?’ Now that we have been once again rekindled with the joy of salvation, we should respond to the calling of Christ to commit ourselves in the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations.”

“How can we make disciples? Firstly, we need to become a disciple of Christ ourselves. To be His disciple would mean that we need to take up our cross daily and follow Him. To be able to preach to others, we need to first preach to ourselves daily. Secondly, we need to rely on God’s authority and ability. The focus of the Great Commission is not that we are great, but because of the great God that we proclaim. We may see ourselves as being shabby, but the key to making disciples lies not in our abilities, but our faith towards God who works. Thirdly, we make disciples with the firm belief that we are not alone in this challenging path, but Christ is always with us. As we unite and remain in Him, for sure, we will bear many fruits.”

Olivet Leadership Institute in Southeast Asia

Reflecting on the impact of OLI upon her path of faith, a participating leader shared, “This OLI helps me to see myself in God again, and gave me the reason to persevere in seeking after Him and serving others. It is very painful to see my ugly image and the truth that I love other people more than God. The truth hurts, but it set me free.”

“It was painful to see my sin, to see myself doing these things, but God’s love is so strong but it compelled me to surrender myself to trust Him, because He is faithful always. I know how hard it is for those who do not know God, I was there before. The great love of God draws me closer to serve His people. Serving His people also means serving Him,” she continued.

May God continue to work greatly in the hearts of these leaders beyond this OLI, that as the joy of salvation overflows in their lives, it will spread out widely to reach many in their respective nations, that every tongue and every tribe will confess Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

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